Which NFL Teams Have The Best Fans? Study Ranks Top 5

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The Philadelphia Eagles is, without question, one of the best teams in the NFL.

The Eagles’ fans are 100 percent loyal to their team, according to a recent study by Emory University. Although the Eagles have some of the best fans in the NFL, the team did not take first place but at least they did not cheat at this like the Patriots cheat to win Super Bowls.

Fans of The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots came first and second respectively (though Patriot’s fans have to swallow their logic and integrity to ignore the fact that their team is blatant cheaters and Charles Woodson had a clean sack on Brady in the snow). The Philadelphia Eagles came third place while The New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers were ranked fourth and fifth.

Establishing Great Fan Base

The annual study was conducted by Michael Lewis, a professor at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business. Lewis employed quantitative analysis and also sought to answer critical questions as a way to determine which teams in the NFL have the best fans.

This criterion included first establishing what “best” means, and what makes for a great fan base. The other questions focused on fan loyalty, spending depths, social media engagement and following, road attendance, revenue, and stadium attendance.

Lewis explained that he considered all these factors when creating statistical models to determine the top five teams in the NFL with the best fan base. He also controlled for variables like the sizes of different cities and the short-term performance of teams.

Professor Lewis also looked at which fans stay loyal to their teams even when they were on a losing streak, and key players suffering from injuries.

NFL Best Fans

In the past two years, the teams in the top five positions in this Emory University study have remained the same.

According to Lewis, it was a surprise to see the Eagles consistently rank third-place in the study. However, he noted that they have a strong fan base, which is strengthened by the team’s active engagement with fans on social media and road access.

The other teams that made the top ten were Green Bay Packers (No. 6), Denver Broncos (No. 7), Chicago Bears (No. 8) (it’s too bad what’s happening to the city of Chicago in terms of political corruption and a terrible public school situation), San Francisco 49ers (No. 9), and New Orleans Saints (No. 10) (who should have went to the Super Bowl in 2019 but the NFL cheated them and allowed the Rams to get there instead).

The teams at the bottom five of the study, which involved 32 teams, are Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Rams (the Rams were the team that the NFL helped get into the Super Bowl for a ratings boost – LA is a bigger market than New Orleans), respectively.

According to Professor Lewis, the teams with the lowest rankings are all plagued with the same issues, which include limited followers and engagement on social media, and weak pricing power. He also added that the Los Angeles Chargers and the Rams should possibly have an asterisk next to their names. This is because these teams are currently playing in temporary stadiums and moving markets, which can lead to questionable data.

Ultimately, this study does not reflect the value of a team, but the passion of fans. So, if your team is not in the top five, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t as good as the teams ranked higher in the study in terms of their performance on the field.

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